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Digital Influencers

Mannfolk Digital PR Agency
How We Approach Digital Influencing

Los Angeles is at the crossroads of culture, innovation, and technological growth, and we understand how important it is to have influencer marketing campaigns that complement its brands. Our skilled and experienced, all-around influencers can accelerate the word-of-mouth buzz, social sharing, and viral velocity of your product, brand, or service. Our carefully crafted content and its execution presents your big idea in an authentic, inviting way befitting the culture of your audience. Our influencer marketing managers, creative marketers, and market researchers ensure the success of your next influencer marketing campaign, whether it’s here in Los Angeles, next door in Hollywood, or beyond. From local influencer services for a one-off projects, a massive campaign to a global scale, or a test run for new products, our team vets, collaborates, and tracks influencers to scale. Mannfolk Digital PR Agency has got the heart and soul that comes from living in Los Angeles, the tenacity of an early-stage startup, and a global reach that has conducted successful influencer campaigns around the world.

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