Can I afford PR?

​The better question would be: Can I afford not to? In this challenging economic climate, you can't just sit back and expect consumers to find your product among your competitors. The struggle to reach a segment of the market is a difficult and long process but you don't have to do it alone. Public relations is your indispensible ally in focusing your vision to create a winning concept channeled through the media. Even if you are dealing with a limited budget, you simply can't compete without some kind of visibility. A product mention in a feature story, a photograph in a fashion spread or on a page of the season's must-buys, a major celeb or tv character that wears or uses your product presents an implied endorsement with positive credibility that you just can't quanitify.

What makes your agency different from other PR agencies?

​As a boutique agency, we offer the same range of services as a larger agency. However, we also give every account the personal attention by senior staff that only an agency our size can provide. We specialize in representing fashion, beauty, interior design, and lifestyle brands. And, we have trusted working relationships with the country's leading fashion, design, and beauty editors, stylists, segment producers, and film property masters. We take pride in providing a combination of strategic planning, effective follow-through, and a nurturing attitude in developing your brand's visibility in the media.

What can a client expect from your agency? 

As your agency of record, we believe that we are your partners, dedicated to you and your brand's success. We aggressively campaign on your behalf to get you the most impactful exposure possible. We keep current with the rapidly changing media landscape so that we can adapt quickly and respond effectively with the editors and stylists who put your product in the media, or in the hands of celebrities and influencers. We provide you with invaluable industry advice as we work closely with you to define and polish your messaging with well-crafted press kits, look books, and other collateral material. We also produce special events and fashion shows, working closely with you from concept to completion in order to create an unforgettable experience for your target audience.

How can public relations work for me?

Public relations is instrumental in creating a clear and cohesive image for your brand and it effectively communicates that to your market through major magazine editors, tv news journalists, top stylists, and their celebrity clients. With a focused, PR plan, consistent outreach, and some time, we will generate exposure for your product or brand. We are also experienced working in tandem within existing marketing, brand standards, and advertising campaigns.

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